It may come as a shock, but I don’t write to be “right”.

Obviously, I don’t write to be purposely wrong either. That’d be silly and unproductive.

Writing for me is a way to explore, think and figure things out for myself. While I happen to share my words publicly I never assume “all readers must agree with what I write or they are wrong”.

Looking back at my older pieces, I don’t even think some of what I wrote years ago is still “correct”—people change after all, and my opinions about some things definitely have. This doesn’t make me a hypocrite, it moreso points out that most of my opinions are so loosely held that I’ll abandon them the second new information or experiences calls them into question.

I’ve never written anything to get another human to do or think something. If that happens, well then I’m shocked at my own persuasiveness. But that’s never been my intention. And even then, it’s up to them to come to their own conclusions.

My opinions shared in my writing are simply that: opinions. And by definition, opinions are beliefs which are held but not substantiated (otherwise they’d be facts). I carefully formulate my thoughts before I share them, but I’m ok if someone else comes to different conclusions based on the information presented.

Not to mention, if I only wrote when I knew I was “right”, I’d have very little to share in these articles…

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