Paul Jarvis

Win at SEO

A few people have asked why I didn’t cover SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in my books and the reason is simple—because I couldn’t give a rats ass about it. Obviously I like the traffic I get (and think I get a decent amount, especially from search engines) but I’ve always worried more about what I write than being #1 when people search for “awesome”.

So many clients ask how to get their website to show up first in searches, and the honest answer is that there’s no guaranteed way to do it. How Google actually picks what shows up first and what shows up five pages deep is not entirely known to the public, and any time someone figures out a way to “game the system” the system is quickly changed (Google, like me, doesn’t tolerate bullshit).

Instead of SEO, focus on your content.

Good content becomes good SEO. So if you spend time on the first part, the second part will happen naturally.

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