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I make a living by creating and selling products to freelancers, entrepreneurs and people making a living online. Using my expertise and skills as a designer, writer, marketer and generally a person who works for himself and wears lots of hats, I want folks to get better, not bigger, in their business.

Here are few of the Paul Jarvis products available:

  • Creative Class – I’ve taught over 2,200 students how to manage clients and feedback, land projects and get paid. As a freelancer myself (for almost 20 years), running the business is as important as the projects you do, and that’s what this course teaches you.
  • Chimp Essentials – I created this course because I saw a massive gap between using MailChimp and actually using MailChimp the right way. The “right way” meaning, organizing subscribers better, automating better, seeing higher delivery rates. So: using MailChimp to make money, instead of spending money on MailChimp.
  • Company of One™ (Jan 15, 2019) – I’m writing a book about not growing your business—published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. It’s about how companies can be better without being bigger.