Paul Jarvis

Every Entrepreneur is an Artist

There is no map, no guarantee of success. If there was, the map would have been photocopied (or reblogged on tumblr) by now. To move forward, to create what matters, we first need to get off the beaten path and into the unknown. There’s also no such thing as a big break

It could fail, and that’s ok. Great creations have always required great risk. Experiment, because experiments don’t fail, they either prove or disprove a point.

It’s easy to get sucked into an echo chamber with everyone else, saying what everyone else says. It’s safe, easy. But the best outcome can only be having the loudest voice in a small room. Our art demands our true voice. This voice is unique, honest and needed right fucking now.

We’ve fallen for the same rules and boundaries that held us in jobs for large corporations and industry, by thinking we have to agree with everyone else and not the rock the boat. By thinking we have to agree with or listen to the experts and leaders. By thinking true freedom to express ourselves would be nice… some day.

There is no formula for creativity. We can’t learn it from a book, a classroom or a blog post. Creativity comes from passion and heart, neither of which even understands formulaic rules or tactics. Art exists because it has to exist. It grows inside us and needs us to share it. Let inspiration strike and see how far it can lead.

Say something new. Be something new. Use your story as a lens through which your expertise can be uniquely told. People will disagree. Some might not. Draw your line in the sand. The people standing on your side can become your biggest allies, promoters, friends. Real connection comes from individuals, not the masses.

Every entrepreneur is an artist. A rogue agent. Someone who isn’t happy with the status quo and wants to stir it up a bit. Someone who sees past how things are into how things could be. This is most important work. It can change perceptions. This work is not achieved by soliciting reactions or praise from others, it’s achieved by ignoring what reactions from others might be trying something new because it needs to be tried. You’re the one who can try it. And then share it with the rest of us.

This is a rally cry to those who want to make a difference instead of making a name for themselves. This is for those who are more interested in connections than likes. This is for those of us who stick our necks out.

Revolutions require a few sleepless nights and shit disturbing. This is the rise of the conscious and creative class. Be bold with your art and venture bravely into the unknown.

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