I make things for people who make things online.

  1. My most popular product is my course, Creative Class. It’s helped teach over 2,100 freelancers (designers, writers and developers) how to run their business better, on their own terms.
  2. Chimp Essentials teaches folks how to make MailChimp work for their business.
  3. I’m the cofounder of a software company for course makers, ofCourseBooks.
  4. I host a short, solo podcast, The Freelancer. Every week I share my thoughts and experience on running a freelance business.
  5. I write a weekly newsletter on the grit and gumption of working for yourself, making money from your creativity and leading a no-bullshit life. It’s called The Sunday Dispatches.
  6. I co-created a WordPress plugin that lets students of online courses mark lessons as completed called WPComplete.
  7. I co-created a prescription to helping with design client work and photography client work called The Project Prescription.
  8. I teach people the business of podcasting in Podcast like a Boss.