Paul Jarvis


Here are few products I’ve created for you:

Company of One
I wrote a book about not growing your business—published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. It’s about how business people and companies can be better without being bigger.

Creative Class
I’ve taught over 2,300 students how to manage clients and feedback, land projects and get paid. As a freelancer myself (for almost 20 years), running the business is as important as the projects you do, and that’s what this course teaches you.

Chimp Essentials
I created this course because I saw a massive gap between using Mailchimp and actually using Mailchimp the right way. The “right way” meaning, organizing subscribers better, automating better, seeing higher delivery rates. So: using Mailchimp to make money, instead of spending money on Mailchimp.

Open-source and simple website analytics that doesn’t sell your or your visitors data to advertisers.

A way for students to track progress in online courses, built with WordPress.

WPHelpful (new!)
Make any WordPress more helpful by collecting ratings and feedback from your users.

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