The Good Creative, 18 ways to make better art by Paul Jarvis.

You’re creative. You dream and plan and make stuff – all the time. And whether that “stuff” is a book, a startup, or abstract crayon art on the bathroom wall, you have a nagging feeling that you could take your work further. Do it better. Become more successful.

In The Good Creative, I outline the 18 habits of the world’s most respected artists. It’s a concise, invigorating manifesto for creative pursuits of every kind.

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18 words: Quick. Brilliant. Killer points. Inspiring examples. Finished in 30 minutes. Bounced out of my chair, re-inspired to work! Derek Sivers, & TED Speaker

You’ll learn how to:

  • Promote yourself without feeling like a used car salesman
  • Hug your critics, embrace failure and reinvent your work
  • Launch small and build a larger, more engaged audience
  • Share your process and break the rules

You will NOT learn how to:

  • Take over the world from your bathtub
  • Win the Sundance Grand Jury prize
  • Earn six figures, yesterday
  • Make an age-defying green smoothie (but you might learn how to attract more fans and readers for your recipe books)

This quick read is full of inspiration and practical advice for doing creative work and putting yourself out there.Kate Kiefer Lee, Writer & editor at MailChimp, co-author of Nicely Said


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A deceptively comfortable ride through some seriously deep territory. Recommended reading for everyone trying to make a living through creative work.Lauren Bacon, Business coach & author, The Boss of You

Audiobook Sample:

Paul's the type of creative entrepreneur that everyone can learn from. Jason SurfrApp, I Wear Your Shirt

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