Contact Paul Jarvis

Oh hai!

I get a ton of emails a day–more than I could ever reply to. I’m one person, running all my products (from sales to tech support) and I also need time to do things like write newsletters and produce podcasts. I give people everything that I know via those two outlets, and it’s where I answer most questions (since those benefit lots of people, instead of just one person via a private email reply).

If you’d still like to get in touch, there are a few simple rules to follow:

  1. “I have a sales or tech support question about a product I bought or might want to buy.” or “I want to share a story about how Paul’s work has affected my own work.” or “I want to buy Paul a fully-vegan Mercedes-Benz GLA AMG.”
  2. “It’s not regarding something I could spend 1 minute Googling.”
  3. “I promise this is not a sales pitch, a press release, a request to guest post or to be a guest on my podcasts.”
  4. “I promise to genuinely compliment someone (a stranger or friend) if Paul replies within a day.”
I agree to the above simple rules.

If you were referred to this page by me, then your email didn’t follow the above rules.