What’s the point of productivity? How do you actually want to fill your day? Why is action more important than motivation? Why is it safer to be busy? Let’s examine these habits, and more below.

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How do you want to fill your day?

When you work for yourself, you get to be in charge of the answer (to some extent of course—it’s hard to monetize eating chips or hammock sleeping, for example).

What’s the point of productivity?

We read about time-saving tricks so we have more time to read about time-saving tricks. We optimize our morning routines so we can have 30 minutes longer each morning to work more. It seems like we collectively want more time simply because we want to cram more into the time we’ve got.

See one, do one, teach one

In this rush to “share what we know” in content marketing, we can sometimes forget that “what we know” is different than “what we’ve actually done”. Maybe the rule should be “share what you’ve done” instead?

Happiness and gravy

I expect very little from anything I do.

It’s safer to be busy

When we’re busy, we just keep reacting to what’s in front of us. There’s no time for introspection or deep thinking because there’s so much on our plate.

Motivation < Action

Co-exist with the lack of motivation as you act on what you feel motivated to do.

We have to pay attention to our work, and not just stay busy doing it

Ask yourself this: are you someone that you’d want to pay attention to?

I could never…

One of the things I hear the most from people after reading something I wrote is “That’s all well and good for you, but I could never…”

Stop consuming, start acting

We live in a world of tips & tricks, listicles and deep thoughts (in 140 characters or less). This is a world we actively perpetuate by continually showing how eager we all are to consume this type of information. It lures us in with promises of saving time, building better habits, retiring early by working less, etc…

Stop doing shit you don’t like

Consider yourself in the choices you make

Launching means giving up control

My thoughts on the crazy, stressful, awesome world of launching products.

Focus and Control

We can pretty much succeed at anything. Conversely, we can fail at anything, too.

Why I’m so negative about positivity

Let’s talk about white bears and Stay Puff Marshmallow Men.

Call me a quitter, just ask Vince Lombardi

There’s the old adage, “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits”, that tells us to slog on when something’s not working, and tough things out until they do.

Why your work needs both cake & icing

Marketing is icing. If there’s not a cake underneath, it’d be pretty hard for it stand up in the shape of a cake by itself. We can’t just focus on making icing. We need to also make the cake.

Attention is a gift you give to your work

I realize that I tend to write a lot about negative emotions and experiences, like criticism. Fear. Failure.

Creativity-inspired productivity

I’m no productivity expert, but I get asked about it a lot. There are four things I do to get as much as possible done.

No goals

So, I decided not to have any goals. Not a single one. Not then, not now. I still avoid them as much as possible, almost as much as I resist owning a suit and tie.

Show Up

Do you want to know the difference between the folks who are constantly creating new things, commit to work, selling their ideas as products and making money doing what they want to be doing… and everyone else? It’s easy—they put in the work required to make those things happen. They show up and work. Even […]

Practice makes closer

Perfection is a myth, so practice can never make perfect. In fact, all that striving for perfection can actually lead you away from launching anything.

Work better

I’ve been told I get a lot done quickly. Both in terms of client work I take on, as well as the sheer number of side-projects and hobbies I’ve got on the go at any given time. Here are a few of the things I’ve figured out that work for me.