Growth hacking

I have zero interest in growth-hacking. In fact, I don’t want to grow my business or hack anything about it. I’d rather find it’s most sustainable size and hover there, focusing on client retention over acquisition.

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Capitalism is a snowball rolling down a steep hill

Capitalism isn’t an immutable law, but simply something we collectively believe in. We collectively go to work, make money, and assume the more money generated, the better off we are—in both our businesses and our lives.

I don’t wanna grow up to be a growth hacker

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

A guide to running a minimalist business

Minimalism is a mindset rather than a blind purge. If something is useful or pleasurable, you keep it. If it’s not, then you consider scrapping it.

Four rules for business

Simple rules for making business decisions.

Growth without growth

If you don’t want to have employees, assistants, scale up or grow a company that’s bigger than you – there can still be growth involved. It’s just a different kind.

The difference between tactics and strategy in marketing

Before you start trying (or keep trying) random marketing tactics you read on industry blogs, think about why you’re doing them. Are they a part of your overall strategic plan?

You don’t hate marketing, you hate what you think marketing is

Marketing is a process based on trust and empathy… not a megaphone to shout at people to “BUY MY STUFF”

Not everything needs to be paid back in full

The less we expect of others because we feel like we’re entitled to something back from them, the lighter our lives will be.

I don’t actually care about growth

I’m better at working than delegating work.

Define your “need to haves” vs “want to haves”

Start small. Start with just the smallest version of your idea and a way to manually make it happen. You can automate later. You can add more to it later.

When should you start making products?

I chat with a lot of folks who want to make and sell products. Which is great—it’s fun to make things that people want. It seems that most of them fall into three camps (these aren’t like the summer camps with an underwater meeting place in the middle of the lake).

The audience and the outcome

If you want to create something for money, there’s an easy framework for quickly figuring out all the decisions you need to make in order to go from start to finish…

Launching is a full-contact sport

You can suit up in protective gear, you can make a game plan, you can even have a great coach. But at the end of the day, the only way to see how things will play out is to get out onto the field and play.

Mental Minimalism

What if we applied minimalism to our mental space?

Know your endgame before you start playing

Are you looking to make money selling things or are you looking to make the world a better place with what you make?

There’s no such thing as a big break

Achievement is never the result of a single action, it’s the build-up of all of our actions.

The myth of passive income

There’s no coincidence that the people making the most passive income from their products also work the hardest.

On simplifying: pizza & complications

We like to complicate things. Product launches, service offerings, websites, pizza…

Content marketing isn’t the dirty word you think it is

People call me a “content marketer” often (not sure if it’s a compliment or insult), so let’s talk about how you can use the articles you write to sell the products or service you’ve got.

Audience growth

Growth happens when your audience shares what you do with their own audience.

Effective marketing for introverts

I know you have something to say. You’ve been saving it up for a while now, being patient, listening, taking notes, and researching.

What’s your social capital?

You know that person. The one that’s always on social media tweeting links to their products every few minutes. Exclamation marks abound like they’re getting paid per instance by ExclamationMarkCo.

Sales advice from the world’s crappiest salesperson (aka: me)

Most of us creatives suck at selling. And this is probably part of the reason why we write or draw or create instead of selling cars or condos.

The Metric of More

The problem with the metric of more is that it’s dehumanizing. It’s easily the biggest problem with this new hyper-connected economy.

Rallying points

Your business doesn’t need a hollow manifesto. It needs an unwavering message and foundation for success. It needs a rallying point.

Build an Audience from Scratch

Let’s say tomorrow I had to start my business from scratch. No existing clients, no existing following. How would I build an audience? How would I attract customers?