How to business guides

Here are several in-depth, step-by-step business guides to help you run an online course, create a virtual workshop, launch a podcast, or generate engaging content for your own website.

I’ve left out no details, nor are there any steps I’ve hidden behind a paywall—this is every single thing I know about each of these topics.

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Create an app without knowing code

There are so many possibilities to create an app or a website with a lot of functions and features but without ever looking at the source code.

How to create & sell an online course in WordPress: a step-by-step guide

Go from zero to a fully launched WordPress course without programming, technical skills or any prior knowledge.

Workshop to course

I want to share a simple way to test your big ideas, like a course, with a smaller idea first.

Everything you wanted to know about creating a $300k+ online course

In part one I covered how I built my freelancing course, Creative Class. I also talk about software, my online course setup and what was involved in creating it here. It made $100k+ in the first 6 months. Then it did a LOT better… Now, with over 2,200 students, it’s grossed $400k in 18 months. It’s incurred $25,806 […]

Podcasting for freelancers

How to start a podcast for people who don’t want their lives taken over by podcasting

How to work a project partnership

Working for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you always got to work alone.

Everything you wanted to know about creating a $100k online course

I’m sick of hearing from friends that their online course costs more money to run than the revenue it’s generating. Or that they have to shut their course down because the ongoing fees are much higher than the price they charged members in the first place. Or that they want to create an online course, […]

My 7-day cycle for generating content that gets read & shared by 30,000+ people/week

I write for and in a lot of places. There’s my mailing list, my website, publications that require exclusive content, and even a few where my writing is regularly syndicated. Typically, although it seems like more, I write one article per week, and I write it with my mailing list in mind. Because (last time I checked), I’m only […]

Win at SEO

A few people have asked why I don’t cover SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in my books and the reason is simple—because I couldn’t give a rats ass about it.

Free High-Resolution Photos

Free High-Resolution Photos