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The toughest part of freelancing isn’t the actual work. It’s the stuff that enables you to DO your work, like business, marketing & sales.

We’re talking clients. Pricing. Landing projects. Getting paid. Managing revisions (endless revisions). Finding your audience and connecting with them in a way that feels right for you. If you’re like most freelancers, it’s the business stuff that keeps you awake at night, not the actual writing, programming, coaching or designing. That’s where the Creative Class comes in.

In just 12, self-paced online lessons, you’ll learn the business of freelancing. Start to finish. Most importantly, you’ll know how to immediately apply what you’ve learned.

“Your Creative Class is still, by far, the best educational investment I’ve made in my business. Ever.” Jamie Leigh, Developer

Join nearly 1,500 designers, developers, writers, consultants and other freelancers who are learning how to earn more, attract better clients, eliminate business headaches, and bridge the gap between their current reality and their freelancing goals.

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