Black Lives Matter

I’m Paul Jarvis, designer, writer, and maker of things on the internet like Fathom, Creative Class, and Chimp Essentials, and this is me telling you what’s important to me and how those values relate to my work, my writing, and my community of students and readers.

I stand in solidarity with others who believe in equal justice for all, and I believe Black lives matter. This means equal justice for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour). I affirm everyone has a right to:

I also support the movements that work to secure equality and legal rights for my LGBTQ friends and provide protections and support to my disabled friends. In short, I care about people, and I am working to create and maintain a business and life that reflects these values.

I don’t know everything there is to know about racism or social justice, but I’m committed to continuing my education. I’m also committed to using my voice and platform to help others learn how to both live in a world and do business in a way that provides safety and equity for everyone. I’m also committed to shutting up and listening.

What this means for you as my student, reader, or customer is that I will maintain a safe space for everyone, including those in marginalized groups, in the online communities I maintain. The Code of Conduct I wrote for Creative Class and Chimp Essentials applies but taking this a bit further, I also understand, that for some people, their lives, their businesses, and all that’s going on in the world come together in ways that others of us might not have to consider. I want to hold space for those people and support them in my courses, my writing, and my online communities.

Other Things I’m Committed to Doing

I’m sharing these things not to brag, but so you can get ideas on things you can do too:

The reason I work for myself is so I can put my money where my heart is, and while I’m still learning, I believe I can help others to do the same.


I want to acknowledge and thank Sandee Jackson, whom I hired to write this with me.