Paul Jarvis

Work better

I’ve been that told I get a lot of work done quickly. Both in terms of client work I take on, as well as the sheer number of side-projects and hobbies I’ve got on the go at any given time. Here are a few of the things I’ve figured out that work for me.

It’s funny how hours spent on a task can be used as a badge of honour.┬áDon’t work hard, work better. Make tasks take less time, so you can accomplish more and then have time for other things.

Know that efficiency doesn’t (and shouldn’t) work for everything or every situation. Don’t be efficient with: spending time with loved ones, laughing until you might pee, cuddling with pets or walking in the woods. Things like that don’t need time-limits, end games or any goals. The more you lose yourself in these, the better they are.

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