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Black Lives Matter
The Sunday Dispatches newsletter, weekly articles since 2012—written by Paul Jarvis and read by 35k+ subscribers.

Write and right
The Sunday Dispatches newsletter, weekly articles since 2012—written by Paul Jarvis and read by 35k+ subscribers.

No more spy pixels
I don’t know if you’ve opened or read my newsletter.

Most advice is too prescriptive to be useful
In other words, Tim Toady is a racecar driver.

How to build wealth slowly
You don’t have to pick stocks or have huge swaths of money to start investing.

Thinking thinky thinks
We’re in a weird place right now, those of us who make a living from thinking.

State of the Union, 2020
For the fifth year in a row, I present to you the Paul Jarvis state of the union address.

The enemy
I’ve noticed a concerning trend lately: small business owners who sell anything are being seen and labelled as the enemy by some folks online.

Do we have to love our work?
When employers are looking to hire, they always seem to want people that are passionate about the company's mission. Is that necessary?

But I have nothing to hide
Privacy isn’t just for those who have nefarious reasons to hide things from others, but for everyone.

Keeping up with the Insta-Joneses
It’s a social arms race, much like a military one, where no one actually wins.

The advice gold rush
The problem with this situation is much like the real Gold Rush: it’s mostly hype and bullshit, while a few people get rich off the misconceptions of the general public.

Work like you’re driving
We’ve been sold the idea that notifications are always important and we should allow them to constantly distract us.

Take back your online privacy
Create your own digital grab-and-go kit

Greatest hits
I think more bloggers, podcasters, and content creators in general might consider offering up their “greatest hits” on a more frequent basis.

State of the Union, 2019
For the fourth year in a row, I present to you my state of the union address.

How to create and sell an online course in WordPress: a step-by-step guide
Go from zero to a fully launched WordPress course without programming, technical skills or any prior knowledge.

I’d rather be a blogger
Content marketing and blogging may be diametrically opposed to each other, but one isn’t bad and the other good.

Exterior mindfulness (some call it minimalism) only works when we solve for enough.

The measure of truth
It’s hard to think that something we believe to be correct could be wrong. It hurts our ego.

The true cost of an amazing opportunity
I can count on zero of my fingers how many times someone’s told me about an “amazing opportunity” which actually turned into something awesome.

What’s the point of productivity?
If you succeed at maximum productivity, where will your own time and energy go?

Capitalism is a snowball rolling down a steep hill
Capitalism isn’t an immutable law, but simply something we collectively believe in.

State of the Union, 2018
I have no idea what’s to come in 2018 beyond a rough and simple plan, but I’m excited. Even though my style, outlook and writings are mostly “angry man shouts at the computer screen”, I’m actually hopeful. I hope you are too.

Four rules for a minimalist business
The Sunday Dispatches newsletter, weekly articles since 2012—written by Paul Jarvis and read by 35k+ subscribers.

Motivational quotes are ruining your life
There are few things that incite rage in me like seeing a motivational quote on social media.

Happiness and gravy
I expect very little from anything I do.

I think I’ve lost my mind
Do you ever get a sense of dread or feel overwhelmed when you think about your list of what you need to do within a certain amount of time?

State of the Union, 2017
To start, 2016 was probably the most rollercoaster year for me ever.

I put a lot of people off
If you let your ethics and point of view into your brand, you’re going to leave money off the table.

I don’t actually care about growth
I’m better at working than delegating work any way.

Follow your passion
Trying to find your passion is a recipe for disaster - or at best, a recipe for horrible disappointment (note: the recipe includes pickles).

I’m mostly motivated by anger
In the end, it’s not about trying to train ourselves to never get mad. That sounds like a recipe for disaster resulting in ripped shirts and green skin...

There is a war going on for your mind
We end up believing the stories we tell ourselves

State of the Union, 2016
I’ve spent the last few months quietly reflecting on both 2015 and what lies ahead for 2016.

Mental Minimalism
What if we applied minimalism to our mental space?

There’s no such thing as a big break
Achievement is never the result of a single action, it’s the build-up of all of our actions.

No one on the Internet is living the life you think they are
I’m not, you’re not, no one is. And that’s totally ok! Everyone’s got their own ups and downs. Everyone’s life is filled with fuck-ups, mistakes, disasters but also amazing beauty.

On simplifying: pizza and complications
We like to complicate things. Product launches, service offerings, websites, pizza…

What if your best work is behind you?
It’s a numbers game, and not everything is a winner.

Stop doing shit you don’t like
Consider yourself in the choices you make.

The motivating and scary allure of expressing yourself in your work
What makes any of us us isn’t our set of skills, experience or accolades—it’s how we use our personalities and self-expression in our work.

Focus and Control
We can pretty much succeed at anything. Conversely, we can fail at anything, too.

Survivorship Bias and Hungry, Hungry Hippos
When Tim Ferriss or Seth Godin (or insert name of successful person here) write and release a book in a new and different way, of course it’s going to do well. They’re Tim and Seth!

The problem with curated photos on social media
Maybe the next time you take a photo and post it you’ll question your motivations as well.

What do you do when the trolls come marching in?
I’ve been called a spammer, a hack, a link-baiter, a self-centred and flippant asshole, and shoddy excuse for a writer who would do better if I stopped putting articles out.

Why I’m so negative about positivity
Let’s talk about white bears and Stay Puff Marshmallow Men.

Call me a quitter, just ask Vince Lombardi
There's the old adage, a quitter never wins and a winner never quits, that tells us to slog on when something's not working, and tough things out until they do.

Why your work needs both cake and icing
Marketing is icing. If there’s not a cake underneath, it’d be pretty hard for it stand up in the shape of a cake by itself. We can’t just focus on making icing. We need to also make the cake.

Attention is a gift you give to your work
The more attention you devote to something, the less space fear can occupy.

Find your rat people
For your creativity to support you, you need to find your 1%. Your rat people.

The Metric of More
The problem with the metric of more is that it’s dehumanizing. It’s easily the biggest problem with this new hyper-connected economy.

Do what you love
Even as someone who works for myself and makes a living off of creativity, it’s not always fun and holding hands while letting the rays of sunshine wash over my face.

How to be rich like me
People assume that if they’ve heard of you, you must be raking it in.

No goals
I decided not to have any goals. Not a single one. Not then, not now. I still avoid them as much as possible, almost as much as I resist owning a suit and tie.

I wrote an article no one wanted
No, not this one, a different one (that’d be too meta).

A (fall out of) love note
Fall out of love with your inner critic immediately. Kill its voice before it kills you.

I don’t live up to my online self
Online me is a fearless, straight-shooting, awesome(ish) communicator. While nothing about that is an actual lie, it’s not always true.

When is the best time to create?
Creating great work is a numbers game. The more time we spend creating, the more likely we are to create something great.

Fuck stats, make art
Trying to follow a formula, script or tactic to get more traffic, sales or followers never works in the long run because it screams inauthenticity.