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Paul JarvisI’m Paul Jarvis. I launched a freelance web design business in the ‘90s that has survived several economic downturns. I’ve had a full client roster and a multi-month waiting list for over a decade.

I've worked with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and MTV, plus entrepreneurs with massive digital empires, including Danielle LaPorte, Alexandra Franzen, Linda Sivertsen and Kris Carr (and a whole bunch of amazing folks in between).

I’ve applied what I learned in my web design work to writing, and grew my audience from zero to releasing a bestseller, just a year-and-a-half after writing my first book. My words now appear in every major business publication and reach over 100,000 people every month. I now teach creative freelancers how to run their businesses better through Creative Class—with nearly 1,500 students, increasing daily.

Those are the numbers and facts. But, my goal isn’t to earn millions or become a bullshit thought leader; it’s to do work that matches my internal compass and provides real value. Defining success on my own terms has taken me from there to here and I plan on keeping it that way.

I currently live in the woods, on an island with my wife Lisa and our gang of pet rats. I also have more tattoos than you.

A few of my published articles:

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