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Paul Jarvis’ top posts of 2016

Thanks to everyone for making 2016 an awesome year for this site. It continues to grow each month (as does the mailing list), entirely because of the support of readers like you.

So I appreciate you a whole lot.

Here are the most popular posts (as determined by page view stats):

  1. Stop doing shit you don’t like – Working for yourself isn’t just about the money and success, it’s about crafting a life for yourself you actually, really enjoy.
  2. Marketing tools for any self-published book – Marketing your self-published book involves a lot of focused work, typically as much work as it took to write the book in the first place.
  3. The complete and logical guide to winning at your own life in 19 super difficult steps – Stop reading listicles on the Internet like this one and get back to being awesome.
  4. User onboarding: not just for HR and growth hackers – If it’s done right, automating an onboarding process can save a bunch of time, but also strengthen the connection and commitment from the user side.
  5. Effective marketing for introverts – Marketing doesn’t have to be you doing everything.

Outside of stats, here are my favourite posts of the year:

  1. Sorry, your hard work isn’t enough – Hard work is definitely required for success, but it’s certainly not the only thing.
  2. The advice gold rush – Advice isn’t inherently bad or evil. What I dislike is everyone’s rush to move away from doing things or making things and into peddling advice instead.
  3. Happiness and gravy – I expect very little from anything I do. Everything past that is sweet, delicious gravy.
  4. I found your passion – It was hiding at the back of my fridge the whole time, behind a jar of pickles.
  5. Screw it – I’m mostly motivated by anger.

There’s a lot on deck for 2017 (and probably even more stuff that I haven’t even thought of yet that will happen). I can’t wait to share more articles with you every single Sunday.

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