Double your list revenue

I’ve already spoken to you about how to make money from your list.

My list is how I generate almost all my revenue, and mostly, it’s because I have a secret weapon: MailChimp’s ecommerce360. This gives me a whole lot of information about subscribers, not just what they purchased, but how much they spent, what campaign or automation they bought from and what other products they’ve purchased from me. I use this information to be much smarter with who I target with emails.

One of the biggest problems I found with MailChimp was that unless you used Shopify, WOO or Magento, it was hard to add ecommerce360 data to subscribers on your list. I mostly sell courses that don’t use any of those three platforms. So I hired a programmer to write custom code for me to do attach this information to buyers on my list (which cost thousands of dollars, but still turned into a great return on investment.)

Ringtail adds data like this

After seeing how supremely useful having ecommerce data was to building revenue, I figured I should release it as software anyone would use and benefit from too. Without knowing how to program or spending thousands on hiring your own developer too.

Let me introduce you to Ringtail . It’s my latest project with Zack Gilbert—the programmer who wrote the code for my courses to save ecommerce data to MailChimp. Ringtail automatically adds Stripe sales data to your list, quickly and easily.

Ringtail adds data like this

Why would you want ecommerce data attached to subscribers?

To be an even smarter and more efficient email marketer of course. Here’s what you will be able to do with Ringtail:

The reason you’d do all the items above is because targeted emails get opened more. They get the clicked on more. They generate 58% more revenue, on average. The more you know about your subscribers, the more you can target specific ones with the right email, at the right time.

Ringtail will be available in Summer 2017, but this week we’re pre-selling 50 founding membership spots. That means you get a ridiculous deal on our software, you get early access, and you only have to pay for it once. If you use your list to generate revenue for your business, Ringtail will be incredibly useful to generating even more revenue.

Check out Ringtail and our 50 founding membership spots here. But once they’re all taken, you’ll have to wait until the Summer, when we publicly launch.

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