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What if instead of trying to convince people to buy what you’ve created, they lined up and waited for you to release it?

14 years ago I created two digital products that failed spectacularly.

(One was an environmentally-focused ad network and the other was customer relationship software for car dealerships.)

The first had zero customers and I shut it down three months later. The second had one customer for two months, and then they cancelled their account (forcing me to shut the product down five months later). Both companies, all in, made just over $66 in combined revenue after months and months of hard work.

Fast forward to the last five years. I now have over 10,291 paying customers for my courses and products, and they fully support the life I enjoy. I still work hard, but now it actually pays off.

So what changed?

I figured out how marketing actually works. And it’s not the icky, selly, forceful bullshit that industry thought-leaders preach at you on blogs. It’s more a system that focuses on honest, long-term growth without stuffing things down your potential buyers throats. And, most importantly, it’s done in a way that works for your unique personality, strengths and way you want to operate your business.

This is exactly what I teach you in my new course, Grow Your Audience. This is the actual process I’ve used to go from designer and writer to over $1,000,000 in product revenue as a company of one. It’s exactly what I’ve noticed many other successful people do and use in their own businesses as well.

No more spinning your wheels with too many options or trying all the things that produce no results. I’ve condensed the course down to a step-by-step process that consists of short, actionable video lessons – which help you figure out a blueprint to your own marketing plan (start to finish). All this is done without having to hire costly experts or pay for traffic/advertising.

If you want to know about growing your audience, check out my free video on why trust is the most important part of marketing.

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