I’ve spent the last two decades creating websites for the world’s leading entrepreneurs & brands.

I am currently booked until September, 2014. Here are a couple of the people and companies that I've had the honour of collaborating with so far:

The Boyfriend Log / Learnwise / Karl Schoemer / Dave Ursillo / Alexandra Franzen / Sarah Selecky / Michelle Pfennighaus / Dyana Valentine / Justine Musk / Jessica Ainscough / Linda Sivertsen / Caren Baginski / Shelby Edwards / Natalie Rousseau / Surf Sister / The Highline / Laura Staton

Read more about how and why I work in my manifesto.


Strategy, design, development and launch of a custom, mobile-friendly WordPress website. Can optionally include: hosting, newsletter strategy and design, social media design, self-publishing consulting, product launch strategies, and/or e-commerce setup.

“Paul has built about a dozen sites for me over that last decade. And I’d do a dozen more with him. My career is online and Paul is who I trust to make it all work.”DANIELLE LAPORTE