Remarkable, business-driven websites for creative professionals.

“My Bounce Rate dropped from a steady 83% to under 2% over the last six months, a direct result of the redesign Paul Jarvis created for me. Clearly, my site's new design does what Paul and I hoped it would: make people feel at home.” DAVE URSILLO

You are awesome at what you do... but is your website doing its part?

Or maybe you’re dialled into what your audience wants and needs, but you aren’t sure how that translates into a website, ecommerce functionality or a mailing list.

Or maybe you’ve hired one (or more) web designers in the past who have been uncommunicative, missed deadlines, or worse, just taken your money and run.

I do things very differently, so hopefully you’re in the right place. I combine my business skills, design and marketing chops, research and decades of knowledge about the Internet to create websites so great that my clients (a) hire me repeatedly and (b) tell everyone they know to hire me.

If you want your website to...

  • Launch your new business, product or service.
  • Refine your online presence to better reflect what you do and connect with your true audience.
  • Build community, sharing and mailing list signups.
  • Showcase your unique personality and authority in your industry.

Then I can use my 20 years of experience in building websites for the biggest entrepreneurs, tech companies and businesses around to blend professional design with measurable business results.

I’ve helped authors, speakers, yoga teachers, educators, health & wellness professionals and hundreds of other clients to launch or refine their online business and make it work for their specific needs.

I don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions or one-size-fits-none tactics. Through understanding, empathy and research, I craft every website to match each client’s personality, brand and audience.

“I rarely say flashy stuff like this, but here goes: I have a million dollar online business. Why am I telling you this? Because Paul Jarvis is my longtime web guy (we’ve built about a dozen sites together). And because I agree with every single word he says about how to succeed on the web.” Danielle LaPorte

What you’ll get when working with me:

Strategy, design, development of custom WordPress websites. I take care of the nerdy pieces like mobile-responsiveness, mailing list hookups, structure and flow. Projects can optionally include: hosting, newsletter strategy and design, social media design, self-publishing consulting, product launch strategies, and/or e-commerce setup.

Pricing starts at $8,000 USD and I am currently taking new clients starting November 3, 2014.

Who I’ve worked with previously:

Want to hire me?

The first step is to introduce yourself and tell me a little about your project. Once you hit submit, I’ll automatically send you a “Getting Started” guide that outlines my process and answers some questions that folks like you commonly ask:

What others are saying about hiring me:

“Paul is the holy trinity of web design: creative, responsive + ridiculously smart. He is a rare jewel of precision in a half-assed world.” Alexandra Franzen

“After 15 years in business, I finally have the website designer of my dreams. He’s fast, brilliant, smart as hell, and takes care of everything.” Linda Sivertsen

“I’ve been collaborating with Paul Jarvis for the past five years. In short he’s the best web designer I’ve had the pleasure to work with. From a creative standpoint it’s like osmosis — and always awesome.” Roger Warner

“Paul was on point from day one. As responsive as his designs, he went above and beyond to deliver exactly what I wanted plus a whole bunch of things I didn’t even know I’d need. He seriously levelled-up my business.” Caren Baginski

“As the owner of Epitaph Records, I’ve commissioned many websites. When Bad Religion needed a new site in a hurry, I called on the expertise of Paul Jarvis and he didn’t let me down. The site is fast, light, and efficient, and data-driven, as is the company that built it. I’d recommend him to anybody.” Brett Gurewitz